Defresh - Cut your site's link load speed time in half with 1 <script> tag

but the onclick works on mobile 2

Brave thinks you’re giving a 404 error, it’s asking if I want to find the page on wayback machine.
This is glitch also so you might wanna set some limits for max pages otherwise a page with lots of links will make lots of requests.

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i changed the hosting to github tho

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Could you also minify it?

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ok, no problemo, thats a good idea

regular will be moved to

ok, i minified it! thank you 4 the idea!

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Expect some down time from the site, beacuse we are acquiring a domain,


hmmmm, seems promising…

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Here are some ideas you should consider

  1. For really heavy sites preload all the links within the region of the viewport(where the user can see) and download more when the user scrolls and make sure to delete the old links
  2. Use an optional special protocol with the server to be able to request multiple pages with one request
  3. Detect low bandwith and automatically disable/enable some features
  4. Not sure if this is possible with the capabilties of js but don’t load images and videos and iframes until the users scrollbar is near
  5. For downloads preload only the first 100kb or some number of data

Lazy loading images?

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the link AJAX saves to an array when you hover over them.

when you click, it writes the data

edit: this was removed to stop extra requests

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our new domain is online: . the css is having some trouble tho.

Suggestion: Open two projects one with and another without defresh. Record yourself clicking a link on both and use a video editor to put the projects side to side and slow them down a bit and turn it into a gif


ok, right now there is an issue with the script, when it’s fixed we might do that

ha! just realized why the script wasn’t working.

it checks for .js in the link. returns true

this is why i love coding! :slight_smile:

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Try checking if it endswith js. Also very rarely js files will not have the .js header and also glitch’s anticache makes stuff like

um yeah i already changed it to do this

but i will update it to do the ? thing