Delay, then multiple messages (Slack project)


Hi guys,

At times my glitch project seems to have a delay, after which multiple messages then come through instead of just one.

It’s a slack integrated project and an example of such a scenario is when I type a keyword that’s supposed to bring up a set of options as buttons. It either works really well most of the time, or it has a significant delay, after which the buttons are displayed more than once.

I’m also quite certain that this is a glitch issue rather than one from Slack.



How long a delay are you talking about? It could be that your Glitch project is asleep and it takes a few seconds to wake after which it then processes the messages it has.


I would say about a 20 second delay, but it only happens now and then


It’s becoming more apparent and the bot is responding much slower.
The only error that I got thus far was “Error: socket hang up”.

Any solutions or is this something from the glitch server side?


We’re not aware of problems on the Glitch side, and since you haven’t told us your project’s name, it’s hard to say anything more. What makes you sure that it’s a Glitch problem rather than Slack?