Delete Account Permanently

how can i delete my glitch account permanently.

Hey @Dhruv_Dalsaniya,

If you’d like your account deleted, just send us a message from the email address associated with that account.

Hope that helps!

User account deletion is a manual process right now, so we’ll get your information deleted as soon as we can and will let you know when it’s done.

We’re sorry to see you go; is there anything you’d like to share about Glitch as you depart? Is there something Glitch isn’t offering that you’d have liked to see?

Thanks for giving us a try!


How much time will it take to take down a Account just for reference ?

Hi, @Dhruv_Dalsaniya. For privacy reasons and to lessen the amount to spam received on your email address, please contact Glitch Support privately and directly to so nobody can mess your email inboxes again.

P.S. Exposing your personal email address to the public can be used for identity threat and other crimes.

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Thanks for informing i thought i was replying to support team instead.