Delete Bot back

Hey i delete the bot called alpha long time ago and i cant find it and its still up n running for some weird reason can i get the project back in my project list i cant find it in recently deleted

help pls i need it badly

If you are looking to take the bot offline, you can always regenerate the token if you are locked out of the project, and then use the new token once you have gotten access to the project if necessary!

hey @JaZz - I can help you out with this. can you let me know exactly what happened - how did you remove yourself from the project and when?

Okay so alpha on ( used to be my bot i deleted it a while ago and yesterday i noticed that its still running in my discord and I thought if its running there probably still code in glitch’s database or something and i want to recover then bot

ok i’ve made you an admin of the project after verifying you created it. you should have control of it back!