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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

I have moved this to #uncategorized since it is a WIP.

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Wait, who moved it back?

I don’t know, it says that i did it, but i didn’t! It must be a glitch


Alright. Should be fixed now. Oh, and you can use HTML to let users upload files if you want.

Maybe you could change the subdomain from ablaze-plucky-jell to printovia

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Not yet…

Also, you might not wanna have a question that tells you to copy every page. maybe like a PDF URL/File upload (but uploads will take up Google Drive Space, so only do uploads if you have something like Google One).

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This is just a small prototype, chill out!

I mean, I just was giving ideas.

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I understand that

Can anyone crop this picture: https://cdn.glitch.com/164a9d86-2b68-496c-8ab7-cb894b889632%2FLogo.png?v=1599660934587

164a9d86-2b68-496c-8ab7-cb894b889632_Logo (2)

I cropped it down as much as possible.


Can someone help us fix the padding on the navbar image?

use padding-top maybe?

this seems cool, for epub files

But you shouldn’t use google forms, you should make your own

If i put it on 0px it’s still the same
nvm ffixed it


Hey! Right now the forum does not allow “wip”/work in progress projects.

If you have such a project, please DM the forum members you would like to work with.


That could be kinda like predators on glitch support


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To be clear, the following types of posts are not allowed in the forum:

  • Posts designed to advertise a “work in progress” (WIP)
  • Posts that are only about ideas for apps and not an actual app that has been created
  • Posts that are used mainly to recruit folks to join projects or other platforms.