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Hi @JGOLHZRGAILHGHJKLHAI, welcome to the Glitch forum!

Sorry your bot is having trouble. The “Could not find node” messages are really warnings telling you that Glitch is selecting a version of Node for you since you aren’t specifying one in your project’s package.json file - they look like errors (and we’re working on making that better) and don’t have any effect on your project’s ability to run.

The other error, however, is important. That’s telling you there’s something wrong with your players.json file and your bot can’t read it. A number of things can cause this - perhaps your file was corrupted when your code tried to update it, or something it was updated with makes it invalid. It could even just be that your project is out of disk space.

One quick fix would be for you to delete that file and start from scratch, but I don’t know how important the data you have in there is. Another option is to try to figure out what’s wrong with the file and to attempt to fix it, although if it’s corrupt for some reason you may not be able to recover it. If you provide your project name someone might be able to take a look and see if there’s more specific guidance we can offer.

Ok, it looks like at some point your players.json file was emptied out. I can’t tell for sure what the state of your bot is - there aren’t any recent errors and it’s responding to Pings so I don’t know if the players.json file issue just came up once (possibly on a recent project startup) and everything is running fine or if the problem is persisting since I don’t see anything new occurrences of that error in the last few hours.

If you’re still having issues you could try putting the text {} into that file and running enable-pnpm in the console to restart your bot - I’m hesitant to do that myself because I don’t know how it will affect your bot.

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I added that text and things seem to be looking better. Let us know if you have further issues!

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