Deleting all projects leaves the last one


I opened the project drawer and then went to Advanced Options and chose Delete this Project for all existing projects.

After doing this, the last project I deleted remained in the list, but cannot be accessed:

Error 403: We are unable to connect to this project.

How can I get rid of it from the project list?


If you refresh the browser window, is it still listed?


Yes, it is still there even after I restarted my browser.


Thanks, I’ll raise a bug for this. In the meantime, to remove any code you should be able to overwrite your code with blank space or remove all files. Or re-use that app for a new one.


I didn’t experience this myself, of course, since I have a million zillion Glitch projects and would never delete them all. But a new user I recruited ran into this yesterday and was a little frustrated/confused and it might’ve been a bad first impression, like Glitch being all glitchy, so it could be considered a vote to ++ the priority of the fix.

Here’s what the person said:

have you guys noticed the infuriating thing glitch does when you try to delete a project and don’t have any in your account? it keeps recreating a new one of the last project you visited, unless you close the window before it loads the url hah… so i may have just forked the project half a dozen times, though based on how glitch works that seems to be of little/no consequence


Hi Daniel,

I am not sure I get what the person is meaning! This is the expected behavior: if you delete your last project, we create a new “welcome” project. Is this what they’re seeing? If it is, what would be the behavior they would expect instead?

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


Hey guys, this was me. I think my steps were:

  1. click a direct link to a project
  2. request to join as an anonymous user
  3. create an account via github
  4. create a remix of the project
  5. try to delete the project
  6. get redirected to a new remix of the original project i first visited

i’m 99% sure step 6 wasn’t a welcome project… and that’s why it stuck out to me as odd behavior


Hi Chris,

thanks for reaching out! We really appreciate it :slight_smile: I’ve made a few attempts at replicating what you’ve seen, but with no success. I’ll tell you what I am seeing instead so that perhaps you can give me some additional hints.

  1. Click a direct link to a project: I tried going directly to a project (e.g.:!/choo-todo), and clicking on “View Source” from project page in the community site (e.g.: -> “View Source”)

  2. Request to join as an anonymous user: I did this, but didn’t cause anything except showing the “Waiting to Join” popup.

  3. Create an account via GitHub: I created a new account to test this out.

  4. Create a Remix of the project: I have a question here: after the login, did you need to go manually to the project you wanted to remix, or were you redirected to that project right after login? I had to go to the project manually (the one I linked as an example at 1.).

  5. Try to delete the project: I tried to delete the project, and it succeeded.

  6. Get redirected to a new Remix of the original project I first visited: I didn’t get redirected to a new Remix, I got redirected to the original project itself, which I eventually had to remix manually.

I am pretty sure there is some piece of interaction I am missing here :slight_smile: If you have time, let me know where I am doing something different than what you do… I can also try to upload a gif or something similar if needed! We’d love to provide the best possible user experience for everyone :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


So I figured it out. You’re right that it was probably just creating new welcome projects over and over (which, without some kind of messaging/clarification/notification, still feels abrasive to me), but I feel slightly vindicated by discovering that this behavior is inconsistent.

As a guest user:

  • I remix a project and then delete it. I am returned to that project’s readme

As a logged-in user the behavior is different depending on whether I’ve visited another project in the current session:

  • I visit a project and remix it. The new project and original are visible in the project selection list. I delete the project. I’m returned to the original’s readme
  • I visit a project and remix it. Then I refresh my browser. do { I delete the project. I'm returned to a readme, but it's a demo project } while (1);

You can imagine that on that last step I wasn’t paying too much attention to the text of the readme (because I’d already seen the first two versions of the behavior pattern from the app), otherwise I probably would have noticed the fact that it wasn’t the original project’s.

Sidenote, I was able to break things pretty well just by taking different paths around the app:

Hopefully this is helpful! Let me know if there’s anything else I can provide or clarify.



Hi Chris,

very helpful indeed :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback and all the details :slight_smile: We’ll make sure to provide a more consistent user experience for this side case :slight_smile:

I hope that you’re enjoying the rest of Glitch :slight_smile: