Deleting Code In Front Of It (HELP)

When Coding and going back to rewrite it will just go and the letter in front deletes and its pissing me off anyways to help with this?

@l3ilkoJr Hey, just want to clarify that you have number lock on and that you haven’t possibly made your finger slip and hit the 0 or inst button on your keyboard. This isn’t an issue with glitch this is most likely you.

No its was never on nor do i click 0 what i mean by this is that its deleting he code when i write
say i do‘Hi’) But when going back thru it deletes the code when i change the message in side

Nvm your were right thanks

So just to make sure I’m understanding, if you typed:‘Hi’) but then changed it to‘Hello’) then all the code get’s deleted

@l3ilkoJr Oh, okay. :laughing::joy: