Deleting deleted projects

I’m thinking of another “delete” function for the already-deleted projects, in case it piles up.
Though if you don’t mind searching through 100+ deleted projects, then pretend this post wasn’t here.

I think what you’re looking for is the feature that’s on (and lots of other platforms, of course): permanently deleting the projects. I did not see that as an option when I looked at my Deleted Projects.

My Deleted Projects looks like this:

When I clicked Show, it displays my 2 deleted projects (now, as an aside, I’d actually suggest to the Glitch team to consider adding a Hide function once they’re showing because I had to reload the page to hide them).

Anyway, I’m guessing you’re concern is that if you happen to have e.g. 100+ deleted projects as you said, then once you click Show, they lard the bottom of your page. But I think your question also addresses the idea of workflow: if there’s something that remotely holds interest to you, you may consider not deleting it because you may revisit it one day…which leads to: when should I delete a project?

The 2 projects I deleted were non-starters that never got out of the gate … and I think I deleted them because I was messing around and wanted to try a couple ideas which never got anywhere and figured, I already have enough “starter” projects and spinning up a new one is free and fast so … I don’t need another to lard my projects (i.e. Your Projects)…so I deleted.

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Yeah, exactly, there’s always that time where you remember about a certain thing but realize it’s gone.