Deleting Glitch Project's Cache

I need help with deleting my glitch project’s cache! I use my project for discord and it has a widget command which loads the “” widget and embeds it. But, it doesn’t seem be refreshing i.e., it shows the same data all the time but it should get updated! I tried checking the widget by opening the widget url myself and found that the widget is working normally but it is cache of my project which results into the same widget not getting updated. any kind of help is appreciated.

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just do

delete require.cache


@khalby786 google chrome (but how’s that related to cache?)

@J-Tech-Foundation where do I execute that command? doesn’t seem to work on glitch console

Uh sorry, wasn’t actually meant for this thread.

yea, i thought u meant it like that
the best way is to copy the element, remove the actual element, and then append the copied element in the exact spot the original element was in

um…? how do ye delete whole project cache in anyway?

in a nodejs file, on the top line, put:

delete require.cache

it doesn’t seem to fix the error anyhow.

require.cache is the cache of all files in the project as seen by nodejs

so deleting it, clears everything about every file

nope it still shows the same widget image as mentioned in my issue.

Actual Image:

Image that loads:


that is correct, it takes awhile for widgets on discord to properly update from

um it has been more than 7 days I am experiencing this issue :expressionless:


can i get a project invite in dm’s so i can see what is going on?

um how do I do that?

I can provide you with relevant codes instead of an invite? maybe??

click on my name, click message, copy a join invite from the project, and paste it in the message, and send it

To get an invite link, do this:

And then click on @J-Tech-Foundation’s profile picture and you’ll see an option that says ‘Message’.