Demo in "Guide: Building a Basic Scene" not working

I was reading through the docs, and in page Guide: Building a Basic Scene

the demo looks weird…
then I opened the Developer Tool and saw the errors

Does anyone know what’s going on here?
Thank you so much!

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There is a common error in my DevTools (Opera 70) where it throws error: unrecognized feature "vr". I guess you could check your browser’s compatibility?

Thanks for the reply!
Do you know how to check my browser’s compatibility?
I am using a Chrome

Just go to about:// and compare your version number to the chart at the bottom of this page (I think?)

Is this the chart?

it shows “Google Chrome 85.0.4183.83 (Official Build) (64-bit)” in about://
may be it is a 85 and does not match Chrome 79 in the chart, which might be the reason?

Thank you so much!

I think that means you have to have a version above 79.

Ohhh I see thank you so much!

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I guess you could join their Discord or Slack channels? I’m really not quite sure what frameworks/compatibility AFrame requires.

Sound great! Thanks!

It’s strange that Mozilla hasn’t removed Internet Explorer from their compatibility graph despite the fact that Internet Explorer died.

Sadly, who knows how much longer MDN will be around. I heard they where low on funding.

Also, use firefox, its a lot better than chrome.

It depends. Firefox is good for privacy but Chrome is better for DevTools and compatibility issues with which I have a lot of experience.

Like Firefox required additional stuff to be installed for audio to be played for some sites whereas Chrome doesn’t have all that headache.

But Chrome drinks your RAM as if your RAM is a 1 litre bottle of Sprite.


my chrome browser’s performance actually degraded a lot of threejs and aframe, I use firefox developer edition for all 3D stuff now, it gets 15x more frames somehow

I would like someone to make a firefoxbook some time because the chromebook I have right now has only 4gb of ram which sucks for video calling


Yeah I would legit buy a Mozillabook or a Firebook or anything they’ll call it. For the longest time I wanted to see a shiny purple and orange render of a Mozilla-made laptop with a glowing firefox logo on the back.

Personally I use Opera because of the battery saver.

and now chrome today seems to not like my gpu

it’s a gtx 1080 so i shouldn’t have issues.