Demo/puzzle for Firefox: The case of the unfriendly piece of text

Project URL:

I remembered an obscure part of web development that I once saw a long time ago. Here’s a demo of it on Glitch. Turns out it only works on Firefox though, so even if you learn something from this, it won’t be too practical to use.

For now I’ve made the project private–I wonder if it would be more fun for viewers to figure out how it works from the outside in.


i am beyond confused. good job :).

This is absolutely wicked!

Clever, very clever! :wink:

I understand how the text got inserted, but I’m still wondering how the text is unselectable.

I think I may have figured it out also.

what exactly are we looking for here??

You’d be looking for how the piece of text that shows up (starts with “Although …”) got there.

reverse engineered lol

Also, I wrote a blog post about it!
Here is the source code:

Someone please, unlock or I might as well use some nifty tool

What nifty tool?

nothing… nothing… nothing for you to use… hehehe…

So it doesn’t think I use chrome but that means it doesn’t think I use firefox either lmao

I updated my reply with the reverse-engineered source code. Pretty cool trick @wh0!


The power of CSS… :smirk: