Denied permission to write files?

I’ve been using glitch perfectly well for almost a month. My application has a system which uses fs-nextra to write JSON files atomically under a folder called bwd. The writing files has been working fine for a month.

Since today, I noticed an error every time the function which writes the files is called.

e[41m[2017-10-30 10:27:44]e[49m e[mError: EACCES: permission denied, open '/tmp/17fdd985-3427-c051-03b1-36fa-6b05-b378'e[m

I have executed ls -la in my glitch terminal, and the bwd file is still there.

All data stored under bwd is still being used, proving the files are there and readable.

Sorry about that. This should be fixed up now.

Thanks guys! Best consumer support I’ve seen. :smiley:

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