Dependencies not Loading


I’m having trouble getting dependencies to load. Yesterday, with no new changes, my discord bot went down with an error loading any dependencies. My project is here if anyone can help me out. Thank you so much.


Hello @ithinkthisisarc it looks to me like this is what’s happening. Yesterday you updated your package.json and the new value you set for “version” isn’t valid for package.json files (the basic problem is that in order for a version string to be a valid semver it needs to have 3 digits).

Due to the settings in your watch.json file, those changes weren’t picked up when you made the edits but instead some time later, and appeared disconnected from your edits. The throttle value that’s often suggested in discord bot tutorials is unreasonably long (2.5 hours) so changes sometimes seem disconnected from their side-effects.

Once you fix your package.json file you can run refresh or enable-pnpm in the console and it should take care of your dependency problems.