Dependencies/Project breaks on NPM update

Whenever NPM updates, (sometimes even randomly), even when I dont touch the project, ill get the error on ‘require’ that it could not find the express module (the first required dependency).

However its able to be fixed by running ‘npm install’ or ‘pnpm install’ the most recent issue was today and was fixed by ‘enable-pnpm’

While its able to be fixed, having the server break randomly and figuring it out after it causes issues is very problematic.

I’ve tried a lot of things so if anyone has a solution or fix it would be very appreciated. Thanks.

Btw im running whatever is the default nodejs version. (Version 10.x.x something…?)

Hi @HiddenKaiser this is an issue on our end. I am sorry that it happened in your project! We are currently working to fix this. In the meantime, you can see an explanation of why this happens and how to fix it here.

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