Deploy static site with NuxtJS

Is there a way to deploy Nuxt static apps? (yarn build, yarn generate, yarn start) I tried but got too many errors / fails … so I used Digital Ocean instead :confused: But I really want to use Glitch.


What are those errors?

This is not about Nuxt, this is how Glitch works “out of the box”
I know it will be a pain in the as* to configure Glitch to deploy NuxtJS apps.

Not all apps can work “out of the box”, some of them require you run a few commands to get it set up, some require you to get a few API keys, pay for API keys, etc.

For example, I made a app that requires you to run webpack. What’s wrong with telling your users to run a few commands?

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That was not a complaint about Glitch. I love Glitch, I think it’s awesome with Node/EX backend to create API or with EJS for example.
But it’s not easy with Frameworks such as Next/Nuxt/React

2024 update

You can now run Nuxt apps quite fast and easy on Glitch with the addition of generated static sites. Read more here.

@Icesofty it’s best to run a development server for Nuxt or a Vue router app. Or you need to build your Vue files and then serve the built files, which might make your development process a bit longer.

Also, I don’t recommend running Nuxt or Vue on Glitch, it’s best to use a free service like Vercel or Netlify. (Vercel has better support for Nuxt)


Roger that, I will use DO


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