Deploy via Git did not actually deploy code

I’m very confused about what actually happened here. I’m attempting to deploy by pushing code to the private Get repo for my project.

I added the repo locally, and force pushed. And then, two very strange things happened:

  1. My code is now browsable by visiting my project website. (As opposed to, running the code…)
  2. Nothing changed in the files browser in the Glitch editor. (Still shows .env and

If I go to the terminal, I do see the new files (only).

A possible contributing factor is that my code is within an src directory (so there’s no top level package.json, for instance).

Am I doing something wrong? How can I get the file browser back in sync with the files that I deployed?

Maybe trying to refresh the editor?

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Hi @stevage!

Yep as @tiagorangel2011 said you’ll need to run refresh in the terminal to see files in the editor when you import them through git.

However if this is a node.js app I suspect you might need the contents of your src file to be at the project root for it to run by default, you could try either moving them, or maybe adding a package.json at the project root pointing at your src start script?


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