Dev Chat In Project

I just started working with @_tr on my nomoreuglywebsites project. One of the more difficult challenges we are facing is communication. Right now, the best thing we have is a little text file, but that is tedious and impractical. When I was on replit, they had a wonderful feature where it was a real-time in-project chat where anyone who was invited to the project.

I think this would be a really nice feature to come into the new version of Glitch.

I had made a small project with some other people to add a lil chatbox to glitch projects. It’s just a bookmarklet. It has since been deprecated, but here’s the original URL: (ignore the beta version thing)

Warning! It is no longer being maintained, so there are some pretty bad security issues, so only use it with people you trust lmao.

When someone suggested adding chat natively to Glitch, support said that the main problem would be moderation, e.g. to prevent spam and harassment. Also Glitch now is pretty occupied doing their new preview website and container updates, so probably we’ll need to wait