[developer needed] GLIX: Custom domain manager for Glitch (WIP)

Me neither! :smiley:  


I dont use glitch that much anymore but I’d still like to give this a shot.

I might use this when I set up a cluster of glitch and repl, servers to loadbalance an application.
This will involve some weird setup so I might need some middleware…


For anyone wondering how the progress is updated, it’s done by rendering EJS to HTML and manually edited:


we can use html

I forgot...

this makes me think of new ways to bypass the character limit

Status Update

I’m currently working on being able to send emails from Deno!

However the only library in Deno doesn’t support neither of my email services which are Zoho and MailGun, I’ll therefore be creating a gmail account which should work.


I’ve tested this using Google Mail and it works, mails will be sent thru glix.ihacks.dev@gmail.com.


Emails are now finally working!


YAY! When will it be released for beta?

Sometime next week, the design will look really ugly, my main focus is getting the internal tools and public APIs ready, when that is done the public beta release will be made. A better GUI will come later. :wink:

Also a reminder:

You can check my current progress :slight_smile:


I decided to do a rewrite of all my progress due to messy code and making the code more OOP based. The public release might take 1-3 extra days!

Erm. Verification via gmail? When you have your own domain?

@ihack2712 it might be possible to port over some nodejs modules to deno

I’m aware, using Node modules only works if the code doesn’t interact with Node’s APIs (like OS or Net, etc…).

And this is why I don’t use new languages lol. Features like sending email via things that aren’t gmail should be possible.

Alright, I decided to re-do this in node, I’m already back to where I was on the Deno progress. I’ll update the progress in a few minutes once I’ve completed some security features!

I was thinking I’ll do live streams sometimes whilst I’m coding Glix. Would people be interested to watch that?


Go for it! @ihack2712

EDIT: What service will you live stream from? Just curious.


It’d be youtube ;) 


Did you hand-create the logo? @ihack2712