[developer needed] GLIX: Custom domain manager for Glitch (WIP)

@ihack2712 it might be possible to port over some nodejs modules to deno

I’m aware, using Node modules only works if the code doesn’t interact with Node’s APIs (like OS or Net, etc…).

And this is why I don’t use new languages lol. Features like sending email via things that aren’t gmail should be possible.

Alright, I decided to re-do this in node, I’m already back to where I was on the Deno progress. I’ll update the progress in a few minutes once I’ve completed some security features!

I was thinking I’ll do live streams sometimes whilst I’m coding Glix. Would people be interested to watch that?


Go for it! @ihack2712

EDIT: What service will you live stream from? Just curious.


It’d be youtube ;) 


Did you hand-create the logo? @ihack2712

Actually, my friend Ami made it, here is his website: https://animux.ml/

The logo was just a quick draw up, and was made by hand :slight_smile:

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wow, he deserves a lot my subscribers on youtube, your friend is pretty good at designing things
The logo reminds me of material.io based on how you are overlapping things.

I’ve let him know!

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I’m currently having some personal matters to take care of, I won’t be able to work on Glix for the next couple of days. I’ll give more updates when I know more.


Take care :pray:


I’m starting back on school on Monday, which means I might get delayed a little bit. I will start the further development on Glix on Monday at approx. UTC+02 17:00. I expect to have all the internal tools finished by Tuesday. When the internal tools are finished I’ll continue on the API.

Glix is not far away anymore!

EDIT I’m currently debugging a few things before I’ve got to go again (I’ll be attending a few things with my friends before school starts), and I thought I’d share a picture of the user object, so y’all know how it looks like!


I was planning on doing a stream today, but since I’m not home with my superb internet I’m not getting a fast enough connection to stream, anyway, today I’ll be working on documenting my progress (basically adding documentations to classes, methods and so on).


I’m back on track again guys! Personal business taken care of! I’ll now work on Glix whenever I have time which is usually from 19-22 UTC+2 and sometimes a very few times between 05-16 UTC+2.

My current progress is working on the domain model for Glix, which was also harder than I expected. The reason it is harder is because every user should be able to add a domain to Glix, even if someone else has already added it. But no one should be able to add a domain if the domain is already verified.

I’m done with the basic model stuff, but I’m working on an internal utility API for the model so I can programmatically set the owner doing something like this:

App.on("domain-verification-success", async (domain, pendingUser) => {
  await domain.save();
  await domain.owner.sendMailTemplate("domain-verified",
    "Hello {name}! Your domain has now been verified!",
      name: domain.owner.name,
      domain: domain.host

Status Update:

Adding domains is now supported (on internal API)!


How I add domain?

Hello @kittyinboots :wave: Welcome to Glitch :glitch: !

At the moment you can’t add domains yet, this is still work in progress and a website will be created later. I’m almost done with all of the internal APIs meaning I’ll start working on a web API tomorrow.

If you would like to have your domain added to the proxy you can refer to this thread:

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Okay thx you. When will website be ready?

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No worries. I’m unsure when the website will be ready. I’m working as hard as I can, but due to my current living situation my working hours on Glix are limited.

The first website is going to look really ugly and probably very skeptical, but will be working. There is no given ETA at the moment.