Did glitch add reCAPTCHA?

hi there, I launched one of my projects and I noticed that there’s a captcha message, did glitch add reCAPTCHA to project editors?


yea! I recently saw that also

Yes, They did as part of blocking ping services.

ohh that makes sense

Hi @YHK! Yes, we shipped this earlier today. One of the pain points causing platform instability is the high volume of automated creation of anonymous projects, so we added CAPTCHA to mitigate that.

If any of you find that this is negatively impacting your ability to create legitimate projects, please email support@glitch.com.


I suggest you use something like hcaptcha as a fallback, in areas like china recaptcha can be blocked which I realized when attempting to get a freenom domain for my glitch project last year


In China or on a VPN? :joy:

Yeah in China, I was trying to get a freenom domain to post pics. Also I had to setup extensions to rewrite google cdn paths to other cdns

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Does hcaptcha have background checks as ReCaptcha has that so they may not use the checkbox but instead the score/background method/v3 I think?

also glitch can get paid when using the free version


That’s wrong. The user experience is not better. I get that stupid popup asking me to click images every time with hcaptcha when I almost never get it with ReCaptcha. Wish Cloudflare would get rid of it

Yeah, exactly why I suggest you use it as fallback

As I would rather just click the checkbox instead of clicking the images. In that ad they suggest that you will almost never get it with HCaptcha when in reality I get it every time, unlike with ReCaptcha. Cloudflare use HCapthca and you are suggesting that Glitch should use it

Iirc you now have to pay for recaptcha and the size of cloudflare would make that impossible for them

I can use recaptcha boxes on my site (see eddiestech.co.uk/contact for example) with no charge. Even the new version doesn’t need one. See: https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin/

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Anyone having trouble with hcaptcha on cloudflare should definitely checkout privacy pass.

I’ve never been super jazzed about having google stuff on my website, so hCaptcha and Privacy Pass are worth looking into.

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Hey could take look at this post File browsing problem, since it’s regarding the captcha thing that was added recently.