Did Glitch copy Repl.it?

Hello Glitchers,
I recently found this site and noticed that most of the features are either copied from repl.it or were copied by repl.it I have used repl.it in the past. Repl.it is a coding platform like this but I feel like it is easier to use repl.it. So, my question is did Glitch copy repl.it

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@anon22732262 Sorry to bump this, but Glitch did not copy Repl.it.


Hi, you might be intrested in this earlier thread I found a year ago

so I guess glitch might have come before repl. The main thing about glitch is that it gives you a bit more control the repl. For example in repl, I have to use the poetry package manager for python but glitch you can use literally anything you want(that means you can run folding at home on a glitch machine if there’s the resources)