Did Glitch run out of names?

I’ve been using Glitch since 2017 and I noticed today that new project names look like ivory-talon-bghlfg1wgk rather than ivory-talon. Is this the default?

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I believe they have been doing this recently, yes.

OMG I had the same question. LOL I mean it is using an adjective, noun system. This is probably its way of keeping pace and not shutting down on itself for making the same name twice.

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Yeah, that makes sense.

If anyone’s interested, I made a CloudFlare Worker which uses the same generator as old Glitch. https://friendly-words.nathfreder.workers.dev. Refresh for a new name.


Noice. I wonder if glitch ever recycles projects.

What do you mean by recycling projects?

Deletes like 2-3 year old inactive projects.

I don’t think so. Some of my first projects are still active.

Hey all!

Yes, it’s time for us to refill our name generator with more friendly words! Our team is aware and will address this in the future.

It doesn’t happen often, but project names can be recycled if the project that was originally using the name has been deleted for a while.


Is the friendly-words package by FogCreek Software (or Glitch) open-source and can I fork it on GitHub?

Yes, it’s available at https://github.com/glitchdotcom/friendly-words

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The project names take the form of predicate-object. Why not add an extra object so that it becomes predicate-object-object instead of adding random letters and digits?

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This system they are using now is probably just as failsafe.

Maybe add a system that adds nice adjectives. Imagine if someone used this as their theasarus for writing.

Wow! I took a look at the github page and found all of their words.

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Update: the longer project names are now live! Enjoy easier to type projects :slight_smile:

Short Answer: yes, we’re running low on names, the current way we generate them!

When we generate a project name, we create random combinations of adjective+noun pairs for projects. We make a certain number, and if they’re all taken, we add the sequence of numbers and digits to the end to make sure it’s unique.

Right now, we’re running low on adjective+noun combinations, so you’re way more likely to get one with the extra “stuff” at the end. We think those names could be a bit friendlier, so we’re working on generating adjective+adjective+noun names as well! That should give us enough names for a while longer. You can expect that change to happen soon.

Thanks for your patience!


@potch, so you’re planning to add an extra object, or will you add new words?

And how did you add so many words in JSON format, that too in alphabetical order?

Looking at the possible number of combinations possible with 4528 words (1455 predicates + 3073 words), more than 1.0249128 E+7 (10249128) ten million projects have been created on Glitch!

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that is soooo many projects…

I’m assuming they used a script to sort the words alphabetically. They might have used a CMS to add words, I’m not sure.