Did the bottom toolbar disappear for embeds?

Hey, folks! I’ve been using an embedded glitch project in an iframe, and it seems like just recently (like, in the last couple of weeks), the bottom toolbar with the “Terminal”, “Logs”, and “Preview” buttons has disappeared. Like, still there’s a “View App” button and a “Share” button, but I’m no longer able to open up the terminal or view my logs unless I switch to the full screen view.

Was this an intentional change? Did I somehow mess up something in my settings to hide the bottom toolbar? Is there a URL argument I should be adding? Please let me know; I miss my terminal window!

This was an intentional change, as that toolbar being there was actually a bug - non-project members would see another bar that had a “report abuse” and “preview” button that’s meant for the full-page view which was not a great experience for folks using the embeds to show off their projects, as opposed to your case where you were using an embed to work on the app. I’ll share your case to the team and request that we add a terminal button in the intended footer that you see now - thanks for reaching out and letting us know you miss it!

If you don’t mind my asking - why do you work on your project within a Glitch embed? We don’t hear about this use case often and want to make sure we consider it in future updates so situations like this don’t happen!

Thanks for getting back to me! I’ll keep an eye out for the terminal button if it ever makes it back in.

If you don’t mind my asking - why do you work on your project within a Glitch embed?

So we’re using Glitch to build an interactive tutorial! It’s kind of in the experimental stage right now, but we’re looking at having a sample application running on the left side of the screen (through a Glitch embed), and then giving our users instructions to follow alongside of it. It’s still got a few kinks to work out, but it’s pretty nifty. If you want to DM me or something, I can see if I can share it with a few folks there before we make it public.

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Cool, I was building something in that vein too.

Practice — Snail (snail-cli.glitch.me)

I ended up going through some extra steps to embed the terminal specifically. But I found out that currently we’re allowed to embed the normal editor, which includes the terminal button. Maybe that’ll be enough to tide you over? It’s anyone’s guess whether they’ll first reinstate the buttons on the embed or they’ll first make the normal editor un-embeddable.