Difficult to copy custom domain

It would be nice if the custom domain name that looks like http://qr098xwgp8m516do.preview.edgeapp.net/ was easier to copy.

  • Ideally, there would be a button that pasted it into the clipboard.
  • Just making the pop-up div wider would make it easier to copy manually. Right now, you have to scroll while selecting to get the whole thing.

I don’t use custom domains too often, but I’ve messed up the custom domain most of the times I tried to add one (like missing the last character when copying)


The name has to be this long so that Glitch never runs out of these links and so nobody can guess or “crack” them.

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Both my suggested solutions are possible without shortening the name. Here’s a screen shot illustrating the problem. As you can see, there is a lot of real-estate available to the right of the “Custom Domains” window. A third solution is to simply have that <div> wrap text:

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True! Sorry, I didn’t read that part of your post.