Digital Signage - New Site!

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DigiMedia TV Solutions owned a great digital signage platform for businesses who want menu boards and corporate ads on their TV screen. My company acquired DigiMedia and did a complete make over to the functions and the site. We’re hosting on Glitch for now (until we go into prod), and I thought you guys would love to be involved in this testing stage!

Please reply to this post so we can collect feedback and anything else you’d love to see. We also have an Android TV app on the way. Message me if you’d like more details about that.

For now, just use premium-pw as the login - this allows you to explore the dashboard while not exposing any sensitive information.

Hope you enjoy for now!


Oh this is really cool, thanks for sharing! Software for signage is often pretty archaic but this look simple and fresh!

Thanks for the feedback, jenn! Let me know if Glitch may be interested in the software and we’ll get you guys set up with a complimentary prod-version of the site.

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