Disable cached files opening in new tabs

So, I use the VS Code Extension, and sometimes when I edit a file, it caches the file and says Switch to live Glitch document ->, ok cool, it says to go to live version, but it is annoying to have it show up in a new tab so often, because I never use the cached files unless I’m offline.

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Bump! (No answers for 3 days and it got buried)


But sorry @Consoli0, you might have to wait for another day owing to Glitch’s timezone.

It’s been 11 days since this was posted, @support_staff, any help here?

Hey @Consoli0

Thanks for the feedback! I will pass this along to the team on Monday. If I get any suggestions on how to prevent this from happening, I’ll let you know!

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Thanks! Also, a cool feature would be a restart button or command palette entry, because I use a watch.json file, and adding and removing a comma just to restart the process can get a little tiring.

For the time being, I marked your reply as solution.

Hi Consoli0,
I’ve had this happen to myself as well but not lately. What version of the extension are you using?

@mmcewen Glitch VSCode extension 0.1.6