Disable remixing?

so im a really good coder in a community called the arras community about this fanmade sequal to diep.io called arras.io and we mostly host server templates on glitch witch are little pieces or code that run a arras server and cilent templates to host a server AND the client of the game

when we make these things we spend hours or even days doing it and 99% of the time we dont want people using our hard work

well thats a problen because theres thus guy called faris that takes our code but whats worse is he doesnt chanee it at all or barely changes it then says its 100% his but whats worse is then he says its fine for people to remix basicly our projects when we dont want people to

the big problem is we cant disable remixing so we have no option but to target and destroy them (we cant now but the second you can report projects we will) so i want a option for a licence that disables modifying or remixing a project we make without permision from the owner

Edit: could we have a way to let only some people see a project but not edit so that way we can let certin people see stuff

Did you try to put your project in private?



Hey @geoffrey1900, the switch that @ElBort pointed out is the way Glitch expects creators to prevent remixes. Is there something about that that doesn’t suit your needs?

yes and no normaly ill use said switch BUT what if i wana let somone join or let some people look at the code but not edit, in arras server the latter isnt needed often but id need that alot in other things but mostly i turn it off then show a snippet of code to somone then lock it againfaris sometimes gets it either bc he was actauly looking at the time or mosly i forget to lock it again lol

I do think it would still be a good idea to add a feature to prevent remixing but not private code. Sometimes it can be good to allow people to read code and give info like that. The arras community works in an interesting way where things like that may happen and people copying servers and taking the credit can be seriously annoying.

Well if you can see something you can copy it, disabling remixing wouldn’t really do anything

true but you could always make it unselectable so the only way would be to type it all in them selves witch with the length of these server would be basically impossible

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It isn’t that hard. Just lock your server. If you wanna show someone a snippet of code just copy paste the thing and give them it.

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It’s impossible to display text and make it impossible to copy it, you can make it hard but not impossible. Or you could display it as an image, but that’s annoying for users and a waste of resources.

Hey folks let’s please cool things down here. This is a perfectly valid feature request, and everyone knows what Glitch does offer on this front; there’s no need to get heated or be insulting.

well instead of just adding a no remix you can still copy and paste the whole thing but you could just make it so you can private certain files so people could have access to certain ones

good idea but you could just show a snippit bc what if it was in server.js lol so we could just show a snippit of code and it could say somthing like this

5304 lines hidden
let happiness_and_sunshine = true
372 lines hidden

and make the hidden # lines thing on a grey tab that looks like the ask for help button kinda but one thing is THE LINE NUMBER SHOULD BE CORRECT EVEN WITH THINGS HIDDEN but im thinking the editor could move 2 sliders around to put what to show (you could make a add area button to make it show 2 regionns and also it would just show where it cuts with the lines hidden thing in the middle)

ill make a art of what it would look like later

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for cori this isnt just normal people walking by saying this i shared this idea with this community so i think your going to see some negative stuff lol

our community does this kinda thing alot

Well @geoffrey1900 those folks you refer to need to understand that “negative stuff” is not welcome here and will not be tolerated in the Glitch community. Spread the word!