Disabling auto-updates

I’m starting to get updates constantly which does not happen before, every night I get big updates that are not worth in my opinion, how can I disable this?

Hi sharosky! I am not sure what you mean by auto-updates - could you elaborate? Also, would you say the name of a project that you’re having difficulty with, and I’ll take a look?

Is allways installing something which I don’t need it. The name of the project is: quartz-freon


It looks like you might have libraries listed in your package.json dependencies that your code is not presently using - if you delete the ones you are not using from package.json, then your bot may start up more quickly. Is that what you meant?

Hope this helps,


It is about this

this thing appears everytime, nothing new whats it???

Since no Node.js version is specified in your package.json, the node modules are re-installed/rebuilt every time your app starts.

Hey, I specified my Node.js version as 12.x. I still get a rebuild every night, I’d like to disable that.