Disabling "use strict"

I am trying to code a discord.js bot.In the past I was using Heroku and recently learned about Glitch.It is GREAT.Except I write all of my code not using strict (or whatever you guys call it) in VSCode, so when I import it into glitch I need to rewrite a lot of declarations and can’t use variables called arguments and stuff. So I need to now can I disable “use strict” (It is NOT there is any of my code) and how do I do it?

Could you please provide a small snippet of your code so I can see what it is like? Personally, I run bots all the time without “use strict”, so I’m not exactly sure what your issue is.

if(message.member.permissions.has(9)|| await roleCheck(message.member.roles,gid) || config.OWNERS.includes(message.author.id)){
let prefix = await db.prefix(gid)
let fullcommand = message.content.substring(prefix.length)
let splitCommand = fullcommand.split(" ")
let command = splitCommand.shift()
let c = splitCommand.shift()
let params = splitCommand

          if(!c) {
              let embed = utils.embed("Config Window","`config [config-id] [arguments]`","GOLD")
              embed.addField("Prefix","Config ID: `1`\n*1 Argument taken\n*Used to change prefix")
              embed.addField("Channel","Config ID: `2`\n*2 Arguments taken\n*Used to change the LFG Channel\n`config 2 <#Channel_Mention> REGION>`\n*Valid regions are \n> `NA`\n> `EU`\n> `OCE`\n> `AS`\n> `RNK` for ranked-channel")
              embed.addField("Role","Config ID: `3`\n*Upto 10 arguments\n*All arguments should be role mentions, or role IDs.\n*Used to add roles to bot-commander(Can use config command)")

    switch(c) {
        case "1": //Prefix
            if(params.length == 0) {

this part of my code has no “use strict” and works fine in VSCode, but if I run it in Glitch i get the error (node:18692) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: ReferenceError: Cannot access ‘params’ before initialization
Jump To at Object.module.exports.run (/app/commands/config.js:30:29) [THIS IS CONSOLE.LOG(params)]