[Discontinued] auroraOS - An OS in your browser

By any chance is there going to be a browser there?

Officially, most likely not, but community-made, probably.

Yes, understandable!

yeah, perhaps!

maybe somebody could make one, push to github so it can be added to the store!


Can you send a new discord invite link? For me it says it expired

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yeah, same here

also i sent a friend request

The invite shouldn’t be expired, but here’s a new one.

Woah, it now works? Discord problems i think. The old invite works now…

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Yoow, I keep hitting my head on the 100 server limit.


Odd, the link doesnt seem to be working. I’ll try the old one.

By the way…

The project seems very interesting! I haven’t been talking much but I might consider remixing.


I was just thinking that the terminal should be renamed, because it is a bit misleading. You could use a terminal emulator, such as this.

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I’m actually re-doing the entire Terminal to be an actual terminal and not just a JavaScript evaluator for auroraOS 5.0, stay tuned!


That sounds cool, how do you plan on doing that?

I’ll probably use my own terminal implementation.


Sneak peek of the new 5.0 file manager and permissions.
Just gotta finish the top bar and it’ll be done!



The application does not work on my mobile device. Only shows a white blank screen.

Let me guess, you’re using an iPhone?
WebKit browsers (Safari) doesn’t support webp, which is the image format auroraOS uses, but support might come soon. I’m pretty sure that browsers on iOS must use WebKit, so unfortunately, there is no way around this on iPhones. Sorry about that.

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I think using chrome for ios might work but I heard somewhere that ios chrome is just chrome interface with an apple rendering engine.


auroraOS is an OS that kidz-beta.glitch.me.

I think kidz used AuroraOS.