[DISCONTINUED] Automator WIKI - Automator, the forum bot

[DISCONTINUED] Automator, the forum bot.

Automator is offline and will no longer be online, this bot was denied permission to roam the forums of Glitch, so I’m burying it somewhere in stockholm.

The official topic for Automator.

Automator is an unofficial Discourse Bot that wanders around the Glitch Support forum. It specifically is on the lookout for topics that ask about domain removals. Domain removals are supposed to be emailed directly to Glitch’s support email (support@glitch.com). Instead of having a lot of users wasting their time in responding to these posts when they could have done something else, Automator is here to save the day!

If you have seen a similar post like the one in Figure 1 you have most likely stumbled across @automator. Automator is here to help everyone save time and enjoy their stay at the Glitch Support forum.

Figure 1: An automated message sent by @automator in response to a topic regarding domain removals.

Hopefully, Automator will stay here for a long time helping you all out.

Feature Ideas

Please send your feature ideas on this topic, and I will try to get back to everyone! :slight_smile:


Please send any issues or concerns you may have of the bot in this thread, or in my DMs or to james@ihacks.dev. If you don’t wish to get in touch with me you can send a complaint to support@glitch.com regarding this post, the bot, or a specific feature about the bot, and glitch will discretely contact me with issues you may have.

Check list format

  • To do
  • Doing
  • Done


  • I will continue developing the bot as far as this goes.
  • I will try to get in touch with Glitch regarding permission to run this bot.
  • I will try to get a hold of an API from Glitch so I can better develop the bot.

I hope that the bot will not be denied permission to run on the forum, however, if the case is that I do not get permission I will take down the bot and bury it deep Somewhere in Stockholm.

Feature Ideas (by Community)

  • Receive ideas from the community.
  • Add label [mega-thread] when a topic has 100+ posts in it. (@khalby786)
  • Do not respond to topics that already have another post that is suggesting sending email to glitch. (@khalby786)

Planned features

  • A button for staff & bot moderators that deletes the post if it is irrelevant to the topic.
  • Use a machine learning algorithm (kNN & reinforcement) to determine whether or not a topic is asking for a domain removal.
  • Use a supervised machine learning algorithm (kNN) to determine whether or not a post is inappropriate.
  • A dashboard to view the bots’ activities.
  • An official API to interact with the bot.
  • Add more automated responses on various topics.
  • Action & Audit log: See what the bot has done on the forum, and see what bot mods have done on the dashboard.


Q: Is the bot official?

No, the bot is not a glitch official bot, it is officially developed by @ihack2712 and the community.

Q: I need to write 'domain' in my topic, how do I prevent Automator from responding?

If you include -automator- anywhere in your topic body it will prevent Automator from sending an automatic response.

Open Source

I really want to open-source this project once I get explicit permission from Glitch. That way everyone can contribute to the Automator bot.


Currently, I do not accept contributions to the source code, mainly because I have not gotten explicit permission to run the bot from Glitch. Once I get permission from Glitch and the source code is stable, secure, and documented I will open the repository for contributions.

How can I help?

For the moment you can only hope that Glitch will allow the bot to run on the forum.

Later I will ask certain forum regulars if they wish to help me moderate the bot.


  • [Sun 26 Jul] Added ‘Automator is not is not affiliated with Glitch.’ on automatic responses.
  • [Fri 24 Jul] Added -automator- keyword to prevent Automator from sending an automatic response to a topic.

Any suggestions? 

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I need to wait 11 hours before deleting it.

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Changelog Updates:

  • [Fri 24 Jul] Added -automator- keyword to prevent Automator from sending an automatic response to a topic.
Q: I need to write 'domain' in my topic, how do I prevent Automator from respond?

If you include -automator- anywhere in your topic body it will prevent Automator from sending an automatic response.


I’ve sent a final request to Glitch as I haven’t been completely happy with the ones I had sent.


I would very much support the usage of this bot in this forum, it saves a lot of time, everyone gets instant replies, everyone becomes happy.


Thanks a lot for the support! I really hope Glitch will take that into consideration!


Just saw this post, I am indeed also planning this :smiley:


Considering using a machine learning algorithm to decide whether or not a topic is requesting domain removal or not, what do y’all think? Should I attempt that?


Yes, although I wish GPT-3 was here in this forum. :sweat_smile:

import tensorflow as tf


To be honest I’m not really a fan of tensor flow, I’ll probably just be using k nearest neighbour algorithm combined with reinforcement learning.

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Not to flex or anything but I just beat the bot in a race to respond:


Hahah! Probably due to the 1 minute intervals, you’re quick though!

If you somehow are challenging me I will put the interval to every 5 seconds!! (just kidding, not gonna do that).

Lol, not sure the VPS would like that.

My VPS would be fine with that, but I can see why if Glitch got annoyed by it :joy:


I was actually thinking about this yesterday, when @ihack2712 mentioned that it scrapes the website every 5 minutes. :joy:

How about a cron job? Every five minutes?


It’s actually not scraping, it is using the official discourse API to get recent topics, and then using puppeteer just to login and post the topic :wink:


I’m not really a fan of cron-jobs, but it would have worked. The reason why a cron-job is bad for this case is because:

  • Launching puppeteer is slow and uses unnecessary resources.
  • Everytime puppeteer is started it has to login to github before going to the glitch support forums.

So in one way, using just a single threaded application is easier and uses less resources for both the Glitch support forum and my VPS.

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