[DISCONTINUED] Automator WIKI - Automator, the forum bot

All done :+1:


everyone on the forums should be 13+ lmao


That is true, no one under 13 should be on Glitch or on the forums.


Have you thought about the fact that some annoying people go through forms like this answering randomly? You should probably check they are real answers (e.g. Emails or forum accounts). That’s why when I did my Glitch Description form, I collected emails and usernames and names so that I could omit fake/example form submissions. Same for any project that allows signups that I put on the forum, minutes later I get example@example.com accounts added and I need to spend the time adding email verification.

I collected emails and forum username as well :wink:

Yes, but you should probably check them before adding the submissions to the training data

I’m very aware :slight_smile: I’m very careful when it comes to actively used data :wink:


I faced this problem when new users registered on GlitchyPastePen, I got email addresses filled with foo@something.com and example@example.com and a really ridiculous email which I liked very much lmao. That was the primary reason why I switched to GitHub oAuth.

is it possible to setup a glitch fourms clone with discourse for testing? (like maybe on a glitch project?)

I actually have a discourse instance running, although it’s running locally, which I am also using for testing :slight_smile:

yeah but what if you made a public version so people could help with that machine learning thing?

I will make a public version of everything later, but for now until I get Glitch’s permission I will have everything privately so no-one else can easily spin up their own instance of the bot. Even though it is easy to make :thinking: However, I will open-source everything once Glitch gives me a thumbs up :smiley: Deal?


Tasha said this is another email about a bug I reported:



Due to a recent bug report I’m turning the bot offline. My main priority right now will be looking through the entire forum and just find all the posts about domain removal and some posts that are similar and some posts that aren’t about domain removal. I’ll be starting to create an ML to filter out posts. Until then, my bot will remain offline.



Sorry folks! Seems like I’ve gotta discontinue the bot development!

It was very fun while it lasted :slight_smile:


I mean, if you do have a VPS, you could deploy discourse and mess around with it some more i suppose.

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I just don’t really see the point in continue developing in the bot when it was denied to run on this forum. The main goal of the bot was to make things easier for everyone here, and running it on my own forum doesn’t really help anyone. :confused:


Wouls you consider posting the source to github? It seems like a good idea for maybe another forum/discourse instance.

Sorry, I’d rather not open-source it since I didn’t get the permission from Glitch, however I will gladly any questions or concerns you may have :slight_smile:

Got a very similar reply. Very sad, but makes sense :frowning: