[DISCONTINUED] Automator WIKI - Automator, the forum bot

Out of curiosity, can you send your response in DMs?

Glitch should invest time into making there own-bot for the discourse fourm


Since they won’t allow my bot I totally agree with you!



However, otherwise, people would be upset that their bot wasn’t permitted and @ihack2712’s was or they would just make the bot anyway without permission, assuming that because @ihack2712’s was permitted, so would there’s

@disc-boop398 The problem is, if Glitch allows one person to use a bot other people also will want to create a bot. It’s not fair if only one person can run a bot.

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Oh man, this was an awesome bot!


@ihack2712 don’t delete the source code of this bot from your machine or, you can push the code to a private repo, who knows, maybe bots might be allowed some time in the future or could be used in similar Discourse forums. :wink:


Indeed! The code is actually already stored on gitlab (moving away from github and my own gitea server). Although the repository is private and I won’t set it to public. However if Glitch sometime in the feature allow the bot the I can easily spin it back up :slight_smile:


Wowzers! I can’t believe how much attraction this project got just within the first 4-5 days! Thanks y’all :smiley: Anyway, it’s just a shame this project wasn’t allowed to thrive, maybe something similar to this will be made by Glitch in the future, but we can only hope!

Anyway, have a good evening / morning everybody :wave:


lol your support@glitch.com is also Something Else?

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Yeah. That’s the support ticket category they choose for your email. However, in this case I chose it myself via Happyfox

okay i see it, @ihack2712.