Discord Ban mega-thread! (Discord bot / Something took too long to do)


Thanks everyone for reporting this.

This will be resolved within the next few hours hopefully! :slight_smile:

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Me and my friends bot refuses to log back in, I think discord banned our host. Could you please change it?
Project: reporterbot

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Hi, I have a problem with my discord bot, it’s the same problem I’ve had before and they said it has to do with what discord banned the host.
Project name: habbosk-bot-discord

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Hey folks, we cleared all Discord bans last night, and a few more this morning, so these should all be looking good now!


Your token probably got revoked from logging in so many times. Try generating a new one or just make a whole new application on discord

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@owocean, This is not caused by a token being used too much. This is when discord Blocks a host from glitch because of so many requests. So then the projects that were on that host receive a connection error and have to be moved by a glitch staff member to a new host for it to work again.


I wonder why discord block a host in glitch bot project. Do you know what is reason?


It’s because some people make bots that are against Discord’s ToS and get ip banned.


Actually, I am pretty sure the reason is just because of multiple requests over and over which causes discord to automatically ban the ip that is making the requests. It has absolutely nothing to do with the bots that are on the projects.


Discord’s not particularly forthcoming about the specific reasons for a given ban, but among the reasons is that a bot’s token is suspended for some reason but the bot continues to make requests with the suspended token and eventually Discord auto-bans the originating IP address.

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It’s probably due to people making rainbow rules, mass spam, which are not allowed by discord TOS and result in alot of requests


I’m having the same problem.
Project name is vrbot
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Well, my second project vincy-bot has same problem with this.

Thank you for helping.


project: deploy-bot
having the problem now


I am also having this problem. Only happened recently.
My project name is nitro2019


I’m having the same issue, my project name is “kurokawa-maki”

thank you very much!


Problem has stopped. Bot is back online.


Well clear this one. My project is giveaway-boat


Hey folks, we moved projects from three banned hosts. If your project is still having problems please let us know.


Just now it was started thanks :slight_smile: But how many times will it be going on banned hosts? When will it get a permanent fix?