Discord Ban mega-thread! (Discord bot / Something took too long to do)


Since we don’t control what Discord bots created on Glitch are able to to (and in what ways they might break Discord’s rules and trigger a ban) we don’t have any control over when Discord bans a Glitch IP. That’s something Discord would have to address by changing how they handle banning, so if you’d like a permanent fix you would have to bring it up with them. Based on the fact that we don’t monitor response traffic from Discord to projects hosted on Glitch we don’t even have a way to know which bots are problematic in real time.

We’re thinking about ways we might be able to be more proactive about this, but for the moment this is as permanent a fix as we’re able to offer. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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It now happened with “dsm-bartender” ban



Hey @reficul109, sorry for the late notice - I migrated the projects from that host yesterday afternoon so things should be looking better.