Discord Ban mega-thread! (Discord bot / Something took too long to do)

Since we don’t control what Discord bots created on Glitch are able to to (and in what ways they might break Discord’s rules and trigger a ban) we don’t have any control over when Discord bans a Glitch IP. That’s something Discord would have to address by changing how they handle banning, so if you’d like a permanent fix you would have to bring it up with them. Based on the fact that we don’t monitor response traffic from Discord to projects hosted on Glitch we don’t even have a way to know which bots are problematic in real time.

We’re thinking about ways we might be able to be more proactive about this, but for the moment this is as permanent a fix as we’re able to offer. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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It now happened with “dsm-bartender” ban

Hey @reficul109, sorry for the late notice - I migrated the projects from that host yesterday afternoon so things should be looking better.

Host banned. Project: strawbot

My main project (“stealthy”) and one of my other projects (“fade-”).
At first I attributed the problem to Discord API because of this: https://status.discordapp.com/incidents/05vzjpb7ph13.
However, it’s been fixed for a while and all my friends have their bots online. Even some on glitch.
Note: I don’t see any errors and my bot is still online so I think it’s running on one of my other projects.
Edit: I found the project and migrated all my files there temporarily. Hope this gets fixed soon as that project has all the people I know.

I’m not sure if you guys did anything but my project randomly started working. Thanks anyways.

Hey folks, we did have a couple of banned hosts, which we’ve retired.

my project dicci-js just got banned again. can u help me fix it? thanks

Hey there @whatusernameisleft, we did have a couple of banned hosts, but they’ve been cleaned up so you should be seeing better results now

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Hey! I’m having the same problem. Project name: sedate-gong
Thanks in advance!

Edit: Working again! Thanks!

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guardian-premium got the problem.

voldemort = project name.
same problem

mine also have same problem
project: bot-natsuko

Host banned
project botoxx

space-bots-list needs to be moved!
llama-maniabot aswell!

tohru-gc.glitch.me as well :eyes:

My Discord Bots are all offline and I am getting an error
“(node:4078) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Something took too long to do.”
I tried npm install, and enable-pnpm…

Your bot is on a banned host by discord, this will be resolved in the next few hours. It is not a problem with your project and there is nothing you can do about it, you will just have to wait!

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Hey folks, we have a slew of banned hosts this morning, so this is going to take a while, but we’ll eventually get through them all. I’ll post back when we’re done, and thanks for your patience!

You should have a meeting with Discord Staff, descussing whitelisting your IPs.