Discord Ban mega-thread the second! (Discord bot / Something took too long to do)

Hey @NTMNathan as far as I can tell your bot isn’t on a banned host, although I can’t see that far back for your project so it may have been. We haven’t had a lot of banned hosts over the last few days.

Same for ~space-bots-list, @Callum-OKane - that project does not appear to have been on a banned host in recent days.

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My project on banned host
project name: bot-natsuko

My bot is timing out before being able to be connect, and google has referred me to this page - perhaps it was banned?

Could you please check for me? https://wow-finder.glitch.me/

Why does Discord ban so many bots, and why are glitch staff recycling them to new hosts?

(Questions, always with the questions …)

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From what I heard, It has something to do with people either abusing the discord api or sending to many requests, discord then blocks the host from interacting with the api, which stops all projects on that same host from interacting with discord.


What Discord has told us is that they start out by rejecting a specific token’s requests, and if that bot doesn’t stop abusing the Discord API then they automatically escalate it to banning the whole IP address - essentially a handful of bots are misbehaving and are causing headaches for everyone but there’s no distinct pattern or specific bots that are causing the issue that we’ve been able to ascertain, and Discord’s not very forthcoming about it and aren’t willing to revisit their automated blocking.

When this happens we recycle the host so that the non-abusive bots can still communicate with Discord.


I wanted to change this project IP - https://flechaa-snipe.glitch.me
How can I do that?

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That’s something that Glitch staff has to take care of for you. I’m happy to do so, but just to make sure we’re addressing the right problem can you tell me why you want to change your project’s IP?

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Because the IP was banned from Discord.

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@Flechaa we don’t have any banned hosts right now, and your project also doesn’t appear to be banned:

app@flechaa-snipe:~ 18:58 
$ curl -I https://discordapp.com/api/v7/gateway
HTTP/1.1 200 OK

If you’re still seeing problems, they’re not ones that will be fixed by a new IP address.

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Ohh, alright. Thanks

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can u help me ; My project name : asuna-trbot
Thanks …

Hey @Kyoya I don’t believe you project is on a banned host. What problem are you having?

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I’m getting a something took too long to do error: Project name “nitro-points”

Hey @cori help me pls, I have this log: Error: Something took too long to do. Project Name: desink-test

This is very common if you have no watch.json in your files…

This is a watch.json you might be able to use:

  "install": {
    "include": [
  "restart": {
    "exclude": [
    "include": [
  "throttle": 100000000000
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I ran curl -I https://discordapp.com/api/v7/getaway and I got too many requests.
The project is https://flechaa-bot-code.glitch.me

Post this to Discord Ban mega-thread the second! (Discord bot / Something took too long to do) :slight_smile:


Project On Banned IP.

Project Name : rolink-discord.

Hey so just a small question, have you considered asking discord support why the hosts keep getting banned, or if theres a way to prevent it?

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