Discord Ban mega-thread the second! (Discord bot / Something took too long to do)

In my project abrupt-papaya my bot isn’t connect and says Something took too long to do. Pls fix it

Heya one of my project has the 429 error, it’s my only project :peppermint-b****

could you help me resolve thanks

My bot can’t login, I was told on Can't run webserver on port 80 to report my project name here. It’s hugdiscordbot. I’ll try contacting Discord staff myself.

hello my project got thie error
Something took too long to do
project name: space-bot-list

how you fix that? please

discord-kahoot, mine just stopped working all of a sudden and host is banned lol

hello? ;-;

project name: discord-kahoot

i just made a new project, don’t worry about it

minigame-mayhem had this in the morning, idk if fixed but still offline!

please check thenoob27-billy

rsgadvertise also pls


help please!

nate-devbot on a banned host.

My Project Got Banned
Name: usercord-beta
Link: https://usercord-beta.glitch.me
Custom Domains: https://uc.discordlabs.org

A private project of mine has been banned, ryougi-shiki, please help.

Got banned
Project: quaker

Hey, I got banned too. Project: agens-bot

Hey there.

Im on my other account, because glitch won’t let me manually
sign in so I have to be here. Account that has problem: Julpav202020

Projects affected:

Its fixed now. Thanks