Discord Ban mega-thread the second! (Discord bot / Something took too long to do)


Project: reporterbot

Project name: sayumi-bot

Looks like the error is back, could you fix my project please? The name is: rocket-science

Hi @cori, my project name: mroffencbot
Please fix it

My bot has been banned, too!
Project Name: t-moderator-bot

From a Discord Bot Developer and Glitch User,

Same problem here, my project name is campfirebot

hey all, just wanted to give a heads up that we are looking into this right now!


Yep, I have 429. Project name is rainbow-yumberry

Same problem for me. My project is my-discord-dev

And the same for my 2 other projects discord-eat and eatspub

mine is down:

My project seems to be on a banned host

My project is on a banned host

My bot is banned by the conainer name “dashboard-qb”

Hello my discord bot is in host banned, name “habbosk-bot-discord”

Thanks you.

Mine is also down.
Project name is fleet-po-bo

@cori looks like some hosts are banned again
mint-textbook is project name

Mine is also down.
Project name is “xl”

My discord bot got banned, tried the command curl -I https://discordapp.com/api/v7/gateway and got HTTP 429 Too many requests tried regenerating the token but it didn’t work. Project name: albaka-stable (private)