Discord Blocked IP


Discord seems to have blocked my project’s IP.
Project Name: gameplanet
URL: https://gameplanet.glitch.me/
IP: (afaik)

ERR: Client Login Failed
Something took too long to do.

Error at client login.
If someone would be able to change the IP it would be appreciated.



Hey @AngaBlue, welcome to the Glitch forum!

We don’t have any IP addresses currently banned by Discord. Sometimes they temporarily ban an IP address, so it’s possible this has resolved itself.

If not then I suspect that they may have reset your bot’s token, which they’ve also been known to do.


Thanks its possible that it may be temporarily blocked. 98% sure the error message for an invalid token is something more like Invalid Login Credentials. I’ll wait it out and see


I checked for banned IPs right after you posted and again when you re-posted, and none of our hosts are showing as banned by Discord at the moment. I also logged into the host that your project is currently running on and hit the Discord API and got a 200 HTTP status code, not the 429 status code I’d receive if that IP Address were banned.

You project is currently running on a host with IP Address