Discord Bot 2021

I have a question because of creating discord bots on glitch 2021 free. So I watched the Glitch Guide to setup a discord bot but found out it don’t works free. I also didn’t saw any other guides.

How to setup a discord bot on glitch free? I know that it is possible with Glitch Boosted but it cost

Welcome to Glitch!

Glitch is free to use, you dont need to pay your money to keep it online.

Glitch boost is when you need more capacity of RAM, CPU or disk. And it will keep your project 7/24 so you will not need to keep your show link opened background.

Here is a video that can be useful: How To Make A Free Discord Bot On Glitch! - YouTube


tl;dr you can’t host discord bots on Glitch anymore for free, you need to pay for boosted projects


Yeah ok thats what I thought too…

Well with the remixed app of this video we don’t have a uptime robot code in it

UptimeRobot is banned on Glitch.


But why you say I can do free ??

You can host a bot for free, but you can’t keep it running 24/7 for free, sorry.


Yeah, you need to pay for boosted apps: Glitch.

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