Discord bot Audio test

    module.exports = function(controller) {
controller.hears('b!play', 'ambient', async (bot, message) => {
try {
	const connection = await bot.api.joinVoiceChannel();
	const dispatcher = connection.playFile('/Users/brh55/Music/funny.mp3');
	dispatcher.on('end', () => {
		bot.createConversation(message, (err, convo) => {
			convo.addQuestion('How would rate that from a scale of 0 to 5?', (response, convo) => {
				const numberRating = response.text.match(/[0-5]/g);
				if (numberRating.length < 1) {
					convo.say('Uhh... not a valid rating, try again later!');
				convo.say('Oh wow! Thanks for letting me know!');
				db.save(message.member.id, numberRating[0]);

I get an error message on line 3 try “Parsing Error: Missing catch or finally clause”, using the preset discord bot kit starter project. Please help

I believe it is an issue with the way your are handling exceptions in this code. Please have a look at this site: