Discord bot banned by Discord for the 2nd time (without a reason)


Recently, I’ve noticed random bans from Discord.
My bot was running for a few days (without being touched, together since January) and this is the first time I would say.
Another project of mine was also banned. The point is that I didn’t touch this project for months (and it’s also an open-sourced bot so it’s obviously not abusing the API)

Discord.py has built-in API rate limits protection (it auto protects you from sending too many requests) and both bots aka. projects use it.

What might cause it is the fact that there are more projects hosted on one IP address …

Is there some solution excluding remixing the project?

Thank you!

Not really, sharing an IP address with other Glitch projects is just how Glitch works. If you want to ensure your projects run on their own IP address you’ll have to use a different service.

Well, it wasn’t happening until now. I guess someone is intentionally abusing the API at the moment.

Yeah, there seems to be an annoying thing where people are using glitch to make discord bots that get banned because discord wouldn’t ban us without any good reason. I think the glitch supports needs to look into the banned containers and inspect what projects are getting the machine banned.

Glitch is home to a lot of new Discord bot developers, I don’t think anyone would intentionally abuse the API but the concept of rate limits probably isn’t on people’s minds as they develop their first bot.

Most libraries that are shown in Discord bot tutorials for beginners (Discord.py and also Discord JS I believe) have a built-in protection.
Unless that abuser uses directly the API (which isn’t really for a beginner)