Discord bot - Bot going offline

My bot goes off automatically as soon as I leave glitch. I want to keep it online 24/7.Help

Can I make my project stay online?

You may have noticed that glitch app shuts off after about 5 minutes of not being open. You can solve this be pinging your bot with an external site. Services, such as Uptime Robot, cron-job.org, etc. can be utilized to achieve that. Note that your app will reboot after 12 hours but is barely noticable, unless you have a big startup time.

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Do you know any alternatives?

My bot is still going offline. https://skullbot.glitch.me
the page only shows starting
nothing more

Check out this tutorial by anidiotsguide: https://anidiots.guide/other-guides/hosting-on-glitch

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There’s something called Freshping, and I really recommend it. The minimum ping is one minute, so it stays online basically forever unless you edit it or have errors in your code.


This guide actually worked .

The software is lit @Doggo. I’ll surely use it.

Glad I could assist!

1-minute interval

oh wow, this is much better than uptimerobot, thx @Doggo

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Yeah, that’s the minimum. Projects with Uptime Robot sometimes go offline due to their API sometimes being slow. Freshping is sometimes slow, but with it’s 1-minute interval it can surely keep your project up rather than it going down for a few seconds.

:laughing: And glad I could help!