Discord bot can’t connect

I have a problem, my bot was online few minutes before and now it is offline. I tried modify the token but it didn’t work. Is there something I can do to repair it? (I don’t have error in the log)

Are you using uptime robot to keep your project online?

Yes I am using uptime robot

I get the same error, it registers the “console logs” well, but when it loads the commands or logs it stops (it does not give any type of error and I have not changed anything since then) nor is it due to errors in the programming of the bot.)

Project name: “yuukidiscord” (Without the quotes “”)

@AlexisL61, welcome to the Glitch forum!

Can you provide your project name so we can look in a little more detail?

@iLxlo_Oficial I suspect the problem you’re seeing is that the channel you’re trying to get in https://glitch.com/edit/#!/yuukidiscord?path=server.js:86:0 doesn’t exist in some guild that your bot belongs to doesn’t exist so you can’t send a message to it. I’d suggest examining the contents of the different objects in the chain on that line until you figure out which one is undefined and handling that appropriately.

Ok so, when I woke up this morning, my bot was online but I don’t know what the problem was. Anyway thanks for your help

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