Discord Bot Disconnected and won't reconnect

Project: uwumodewatow
I have the code in to keep it running and have uptime robot running
It had been running for hours, then decided randomly to stop

Could you please reply with the code you have to keep it running pls?

var express = require(‘express’);
var app = express();

app.get("/", (request, response) => {

Do you have the process.env.port set? Should be PORT=3000

It was but now it’s not( I haven’t been in that file for hours), what should I set it to

It should normally be PORT=3000 Due to glitch mainly funneling requests through port 3000

Ok, done sttill down

In this situation I would normally use something like Uptime Robot. If you wanted I could come take a look at your code I would just need a link to it. Which idk if you would want to send it here. Check out this thread:

I used uptime robot

I would use this method instead

const http = require('http');
const express = require('express');
const app = express();
app.get("/", (request, response) => {
  console.log(Date.now() + " Ping Received");
setInterval(() => {
}, 280000);

I believe if you wanted too you could take out the console.log so its not spamming logs

The log says it’s receiving
pings, but the bot is still down

instead of const TOKEN = process.env.TOKEN you can just put process.env.TOKEN into the

Bot still not back up

may I join the project so I can temporarily see whats going on?

I have let you join now

Just lemme know if it worked

I think I may have found the issue. The event is working when being emitted

It did not work, I also tried some other things for the same exact errors

please regen the token please so I can make sure this is no the issue

ok I will regenerate it