Discord Bot Disconnected and won't reconnect

It still does not work

I’m not sure what would be the issue here. Please wait for @glitch_support to respond on this request. They have root access. They would be able to fix this issue if its server related unless its something with the Bot account as a lot of bot accounts have been banned from using glitch.
But I highly doubt this would be the issue. I’m sorry I tried to help. :slightly_frowning_face:

Also @Redstone-Hamster Welcome To The Glitch Community! We are happy to have you here! I’m really sorry I wasn’t able to resolve this issue hopefully staff can help you. Have a nice rest of your day/night! :smile:


I might be able to help you, but I need permission for you to let me go and look in your project for the issue.

Is that okay to you?

Also, welcome to the community.