Discord bot doesn't start

For some reason, in the last week or so it appears, my bot has stopped and hasn’t been able to come back online. I do not get any error showing in the console, nor any “console.log” message. Which is the reason why I’m surprised. It appears the “Ready” Event isn’t firing, and well, the bot is indeed not starting.

The bot does login in the code, but that’s all, it doesn’t go beyond being logged and does not actually start. And I wouldn’t put it on a coding mistake as this code was running some days ago, and I tried running it again with the bare minimum (client.login + client.on(ready) to see if it starts)

Does anyone know what happens ?

Here’s the name, even if I don’t think it’s a coding error: neither-gamemaster

I cannot find a project named neither-gamemaster

Also, do you mind seeing if there is any errors in the code (check logs).

Well, don’t worry about it now I guess, for some reason it went back online (and no, I didn’t have any log error)
Probably something was going wrong with either the glitch API or the Discord API

I get the exact same error, and a friend got that yesterday, i don’t know what’s going on

check my topic if you want some details Discord.js not starting (no errors)

UPDATE: add this to your code and tell me what’s on your console:
`.on(‘debug’, console.log);

replace <client> with your client var