Discord Bot dows not start with mongoose anymore + no error logs

https://fne-dc.glitch.me/ - this is my discord bot project
It was working perfectly until yesterday. Some spambots (selfbots) make discord blocking the glitch IP, so many discord bots wont login. Same case yesterday. After deleting the old project, creating a new one, importing it from my github… it wont load some command files, which include a mongoDB connection (mongoose). It is working fine on my PC, but not on glitch. Also, it shows the Error button, but there are no error logs in the console.

The problem is not the mongo network access, as I am allowing it to access it from anywhere (the IP does not matter).

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Hey there,
According to what you’re saying, it’s fairly confusing.
Can you please invite me to the project to I can look into the issue? Direct message me for more information. My username: chroventer

Seems like I fixed it. My bot ran on different node versions, I changed and updated it on my PC and glitch.
I had multiple mongoDB connections, which they don’t want (multiple connections in each command file).

Now, my bot is back up and connected. When I see the error button appearing red, I will invite you.
Could also be that the error in the console is already fixed, so lets see.


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Great to hear that! Feel free to mention me.