Discord Bot - Error when updating the discord.js module to 12.2.0

So I’ve decided to return to an old project on mine, and so I decided to update the modules. Upon updating the discord.js module from 11.0.0 to 12.2.0 a error pops up in the logs.

Glitch project name: isystems-public-bot
Glitch project url: https://isystems-public-bot.glitch.me/

I’ve temporarily made my project visible to everyone in-case you’d like to take a look at the code.

Looking at the directory, it doesn’t quite look like a error in my code, but I’m still not sure if it is or not.
I appreciate your help!

This is Common
You must rebuild your Code to fit the Version otherwise
Revert Back to the Version it used before hand
Some bots really act up so you must prepare to do a bug fix session afterwards

E.g I can’t update my Discord bot’s version Although it Boots up the first Sign it is bugged is that the playing Status Did Not Set
I use DBM So i need the Dev of the bot Maker to update it so it is compataible
it also happenes with some audio Encoders and players Too
I do not think there is a Work around this
If you do decide to revert ensure you view the Docs Related To the version you are using
otherwise You will try to use features that do not exist in that version